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Quantum Spigot

Reveal the mysteries hidden within 'this' very moment! 1. Submit what's on your mind, in your heart, your desires, goals and or thoughts.
2. ADD digits of the “CURRENT TIME” together into single digit (ie. 12:12:12 = 9).
3. CLICK equivalent numerological menu slot above ↖
4. FIND a post # that equals your number (if the post number is more than one digit, add them together) ↷
5. COMMENT the “current time” on the post you found AND OR express your perspective on what you’ve discovered.
Try to notice any syncronicities occuring around what you submited... stay tuned for an in-depth explanation on what all this is about :-)
Note: You can start at step 2 and explore from a less engaged perspective anytime.

Trees stand still. Movement only to the gust that comes when adventure takes a breath.

Trees rustle. Sound only when its feathers beg to fly as birds do that perch on them when adventure breaths.

Daniel Perez (via musethepen)


Be like tree myfriend. Ever present, unmoving, but ever dancing to the beat of life’s’ drum. Dance myfriend, dance with each breath to the next. For every breath is an opportunity for the adventure you seek.


(via inspirewiki)

(via inspirewiki)

We must all become artists in living. To live by inspiration means to sense the divine touch in everything; to enter into the spirit of things; to enter into the joy of living.

Ernest Holmes, The Art of Living (via contrariansoul)

(via inspirewiki)

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